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Does your brand have trust issues? Find out how to build greater trust with your audience and increase revenues/results.

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Webcast Tuesday 8 February 2022 / 10.30-11.15am / GMT

Did you know? Trust is second only to price in influencing consumer buying behaviours, and is inextricably linked to brand success – but there is a problem.

Brand performance is being held back because audiences’ trust in brands is currently at an all-time low. Does this sound like a problem you face?


Does your brand need to build trust with your audience?

Do you see trust as critical to your brand’s success? Are you struggling to gain trust with your audience? Are you trying things but your trust scores are not improving in the way you need them to?

If so you should attend this webcast.


Who should attend?

This webcast is especially created for who are interested in how to improve their audience’s trust in their brand to improve results.

All CMOs, Heads of Marketing, Heads of Brand, Product Marketing Managers, Campaign Managers and Head of Content.


Why you should attend

By building trust between your brand and your audience, you can transform results for your business. In the example of Estee Lauder’s serum, their [campaign name] increased trust scores and propelled their overnight serum to become the number 1 in its category. Find out how they did it.


Hear about strategies to improve trust in your brand 

Join us as we get to the heart of how to build trust with audiences. With key insights into the process we have developed that has helped companies such as Estee Lauder, McDonalds, ONS, Hello Fresh and lots more, we share how we have improved their customer trust scores and helped them dramatically improve their results.


Learn how Estee Lauder and Yorkshire Tea are building trust and the results they are seeing

Hear from the Heads of Brand from Estee Lauder and Yorkshire Tea as they share their experiences on the challenges they faced, how they have overcome these to build trust in their brands and the kind of results they have seen. 


How to create authentic content to build trust

We share the core components of building trust and explain how an authentic content approach works to achieve this.


How to work with talent

Talent is often a key component of campaigns. Get it right and you can expect spectacular results, but there are plenty of examples of where it has spectacularly misfired and lacked authenticity. We will share our experience of how to get the best out of working with talent.



Host: Charlie Read, The Outfit

XX, Head of Brand, Estee Lauder 

XX, Head of Brand, Taylors

XX,  (Talent), Special Guest

XX, Channel, Head of YouTube


At the end of this webcast you will be able to

  • Hear how other brands are building trust, problems they have faced and overcome
  • Insights in to what builds trust [the triangle of trust]
  • The rules of creating authentic content
  • The Outfit’s guidelines for working with talent that supports trust
  • What role should your agency play
  • Best practices for measuring


This is a structured panel interview, where we will share key learnings and materials that you can use after the webcast.

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