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Best in Show


After 4 years away from TV screens, the Herefordshire-made cider, famous for its variety of British apples, wanted to celebrate the very best of British. As it happens, in modern Britain, the best of British is made up from a huge variety of people, backgrounds, skills and behaviours.

We needed to find the best talent, the right show and the most interesting contributors around, in order to make this a campaign to remember.


The Outfit created three 30 second ads, along with its lead 60 second spot, for Bulmers that complemented Channel 4’s diverse and inclusive programming, binding the collaboration between two of Britain’s most famous brands.

In this series of spots, Channel 4 rising star and comedian Jessica Knappett investigated what life is like at a modern British fayre by trying to be bendy with some tea serving contortionists, winning a tug of war with 3 drag queens and learning to make a modern twist on Britain's favourite dish, curry. At the end of a hard day investigating, Jessica relaxed with the contributors by enjoying a refreshing Bulmers.

We worked with Jessica, as well as our contributors to so that we capture her genuine reactions to a bona fide brilliant day.

The ads represent Bulmers' main campaign throughout the summer in 2018.