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Guru TV


In 2010, the world was still getting used to instant access technology, and the fast paced lifestyle this entailed, with everything increasingly becoming available at the touch of a screen.

Knowing that they could interact with people in a way that had not been possible before, O2 set out on a unique journey to redefine the way they supported their customers. They wanted to deliver the very best expert help in an easily accessible, friendly way.

Having set up their Guru programme (a staff-expert based knowledge sharing scheme) with 300 in-store, 600 on the phone and 150 more online, they wanted to help people to help themselves, and significantly reduce customer service call times and the costs associated.


Our solution was to create O2 Guru TV. A YouTube channel where people could find out how to make the most of their phone, and O2. In a world of tech jargon, O2 Guru TV answered the common (and not-so-common) questions in an easy to understand, bitesize way.

We made over 2,000 videos for YouTube across 70 different handsets, helping customers when they needed O2 most. Including how to get started, fixing problems and providing tips and tricks to take their tech further.


Following the launch of Guru TV in May 2010, the results were impressive, we drove more than 1.2m views of Guru help clips in under 3 months.

This also helped drive over 143,000 unique visitors to the Guru landing page. Guru TV also helped O2 land a 92% average satisfaction score, building a loyal audience of fans during the campaign.