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Channel 4


Whilst people might be aware of the rise in online hate, they may not be aware of the extent and impact of the abuse. Channel 4 wanted to partner with brands who have featured people in their ads directly affected by online hate, to shine a light on this issue for the general public.


We wanted to create something that would stop viewers in their tracks, therefore it needed to be highly impactful to break people out of their casual viewing.

To expose this toxic and threatening language, we interrupted and corrupted a full ad break on Channel 4 with actual hateful online posts about the real people featured in the adverts. We overlaid each ad with three distinct visual treatments that showed these hateful words in a creeping and consuming toxic environment, systematically damaging the images and people featured, to highlight the damage this abuse generates, and the effect it has on real people's lives.

We worked closely with Channel 4, the three advertisers and broadcast regulators to ensure that we would create strong cut-through, whilst keeping within the boundaries of broadcast rules and brand guidelines.