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Real Techniques
Set your make up free


Real Techniques is the leading make up tools brand in the UK, but its growth had slowed as the core audience, the ‘Beauty Junkies’ had been saturated, whilst the retail market had become more aggressive and price discounting more prevalent.

Real Techniques approached us to develop a marketing plan that would return the brand to growth by targeting a new audience, the ‘Beauty Curious’, whilst not alienating existing consumers. They wanted to act as category leaders driving awareness, education and household penetration by being inspirational and innovative.




We developed a communication strategy that would drive brand relevance and connection across the expanding audience, targeting them where and when it was most effective to take them on a journey from awareness, engagement, purchase to loyalty.


We delivered a category leading communications idea ‘Set your make up free’, showing how any consumer can get more from the make up they love by ‘Tooling up’ with Real Techniques amazing products. We added a call to action #RTtoolup to drive consumers to purchase once inspired and educated by our suite of content, encouraging them to then experiment and share their great new looks as part of our growing community.


To drive relevance and endorsement we cast Lily Pebbles, an influencer and vlogger who we knew had a strong affinity with the audience, to help deliver our inspirational and educational messages.


We targeted our audience through social platforms with a strong focus on mobile delivery, and developed a campaign e-commerce facility working with key UK retail partners to make the shopping experience simple and easy for UK consumers.