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The Open University


With the success and uplift in student numbers seen during 2017's campaign, this year The Open University wanted to deepen the conversation with their target audience, building greater relevance and context to what the University can provide, and how it really can transform people's lives.


Tapping into the heroes of University; the students themselves, we worked closely with the OU to find emotive, relevant and inspiring stories that demonstrated effectively the various journeys students take. Student Ambassadors on courses that reflected core subjects were cast from a range of social backgrounds and various life stages, to provide context to as wide an audience as possible.

We cast Anna Richardson a Channel 4 staple and star of shows including ‘Supershoppers’ and ‘Naked Attraction’ to conduct interviews with the selected Ambassadors. Anna indexes well with the OU’s target audiences and offers a warm, honest and relatable interview style which really helped put the Ambassadors at ease.

Interviewed in an intimate studio setting, the audio conversations captured were brought to life with engaging animations, typography and stills.

The first spot launched in The Last Leg running for six weeks initially with a variety of stories delivered, all complemented by talent social postings on key campaign dates and a PR programme including interviews with Anna Richardson.