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The Open University
What's Stopping You?


The Open University had some key hurdles to overcome:
_“What is distance learning? How does it work and how can it help me?”
_“It’s not like a bricks and mortar degree. The OU degree isn’t worth as much.”
_“I can’t afford it. I can’t fit it around work and kids”

They needed to shift perceptions and demystify their offering by raising awareness, driving interest and showing that it can help anyone no matter their background or circumstance.

Our challenge was to get prospective higher education students to see the Open University as credible, flexible and accessible by getting under the skin of how the OU work, how it can work for you and how it can open doors.


Every Open University student has a unique story about how the OU has allowed them to fulfill their goals, and to overcome their own personal challenges.

We tell the story through three real life Open University graduates who share with us their personal stories about breaking out of normal expectations, and smashing their goals.

Paul, Barry and Lindsay’s stories are heart warming, inspiring and challenging. They were aired in partnership with Channel 4 through TV, VOD and the Open University website. They were supported and promoted by celebrity social media offering admiration and support for those who break the norm to reach their goals.