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Here’s some of our latest news.

Taylors of Harrogate


In one of our most exotic partnership projects to date, we jetted off to Colombia with famed Channel 4 face, Jimmy Doherty, to see how Taylors of Harrogate produce truly unique tasting coffee for their Origins range.  Jimmy was lucky enough to be shown around Hector’s stunning coffee farm on the other side of the world, picking up tips to take back home, from one farmer to another.  It was an unforgettable experience for all involved, and trust us, you’ve just got to taste Taylors coffee.



We’ve just teamed up with Which? to create 41 sponsorship idents to showcase the breadth of services they provide and how they help you make the right choice.  The idents can be seen on ITV3, Channel 4, Dave, UKTV Gold, Alibi, Watch, Really and Yesterday in five different programme strands.  Phew.


McCafé Batch 2: First Dates In Situ


The first of our three super-contextual McCafé Moments over the next three weeks…

First Dates series 4 is back (hurrah) and we’re all talking about it…including our McCafé Business Brothers.  In the ad break of one of the first episodes of the new series, we see Joshua and John reacting to the content we’ve just seen on our telly’s at home.  Were you #teamlouis too?  Here’s how it played out in situ on Channel 4.

McCafé Batch 2


We’re back with our next instalment of McCafé Moments on Channel 4.  As part of our yearlong contextual partnership with McDonald’s and Channel 4, we revisit our contributors to see what they’ve been up to.  Again, we’ve placed the spots contextually in the audience’s favourite Channel 4 shows and with a McCafé drink in hand, we hear them having a genuine natter about everything, from geeky chat-up lines to sit in the ad breaks of dating shows, to dishing the dirt on each other’s homes for Channel 4’s property strand.  They’re lovin’ it.



Years & Years


Live.  Viewer Takeover.  Years & Years.  We teamed up with the hottest band of 2015, Polydor, Channel 4 and Mediacom to launch Year & Years’ highly anticipated debut album, Communion.  In one of our most ambitious projects to date, we created three different music videos for the single, Shine, and viewers took control in a prime time Friday night slot, tweeting live to switch from dark, to light, to shadows.  The result was immense.  We seeded teasers on social media in the week leading up that were viewed over 150 000 times and shared 40 000 times.  We didn’t double, or triple or quadruple the expected number of tweets – we decupled it (that’s ten times FYI).  To top it all off, Communion and Shine both went to no.1.  Shine on.



Everyone knows wet cleans better than dry, right?  Well, not quite everyone.  After our successful mini-doc campaign for Andrex Washlets, we changed bathroom habits across the UK.  So, we were asked to take on the rest of Europe with our stylish international campaign for Cottonelle, on TV, in digital and in print.  Bums the word.



In an exciting year-long partnership between McDonald’s and Channel 4, we have developed a unique contextual campaign to drive awareness of the McCafé sub-brand.  The idea is simple, our casting team took to the streets to find some fantastic characters who love Channel 4 TV shows. Our contributors are seen in a mixture of in-store and their own natural environments, McCafé drink in hand having a good old chat about everything from One Born Every Minute to The Island. The chat is all unscripted, genuine and real, and the media placement of the spots means that as the audience watches the Channel 4 shows they love, they find our characters loving them too, talking about the details and themes of the programme they have just seen. Lovin’ it.



As part of the multimedia Kleenex Kiss campaign, we created a series of hidden camera spots to reinvent the tissue into a symbol of love and care.   Our spots feature real people surprising their loved ones for real, there’s no scripts, just genuine surprises and emotions and real friends and loved ones showing each other just how much they mean to one another.  You might need a Kleenex at the ready yourself…


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