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In the meantime here’s some of our latest news.

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Sam Smith Live with Google Play


We went live tonight!  We worked with Channel 4, Google Play, Universal Music and MediaCom to broadcast Sam Smith’s performance of his number one hit Stay With Me, straight from his sell-out gig at the Roundhouse into an ad break during Channel 4′s Alan Carr Chatty Man. The whole set played out live to the Google Play platform as well.

Sam was brilliant, the Roundhouse rocked and we all need a lie down now.

Sam Smith Live Google Play from The Outfit on Vimeo.



Wilkinson Sword


Wilkinson Sword know that shaving is not going to change a girls world but it could be the little thing that just makes you feel good.  We made three different ads featuring Channel 4 talent – Lucy Watson talks about her glamorous life, Louise Redknapp wanted just a little bit of extra time in the day and Olivia Lee told us how she likes to be spontaneous so recommends we should all be ‘beach ready’  you know…down there.. (blushes).

Wilkinson Sword Olivia from The Outfit on Vimeo.



L’Oreal BB Cream


After the success of our L’Oreal Olia campaign featuring real women talking about using Olia hair colour for the first time. We hit the streets again to find L’Oreal BB Cream super fans. Check out what they had to say.

L’Oreal Bb Cream from The Outfit on Vimeo.




Andrex Washlets 2014


We’re back on the road with the Clean Campaign!  We’re joined this year by the lovely Arielle Free – or Ginger Spice as Charlie Brooker noted , our mission? to further the bum wipes cause. We met an amazing bunch of unsuspecting professionals and unleashed the moist toilet tissue…

Andrex Washets Manchester from The Outfit on Vimeo.






Weetabix know that when it comes to answering the really big questions in life there really is only one demographic you can trust to deliver the facts. That’s right. 7 to 10 year olds. In a series of sponsorship idents that will play out over the next 12 months on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’, our finest young minds answer the big head scratchers, once they’ve had a bowl of Weetabix to fuel their morning. Have a watch:


Homebase – Christmas

November 2013

Are you feeling festive yet? Well if not then put on your best knitted jumper, break out the mistletoe and grab a glass of mulled wine because the Ho Ho Homebase Christmas food idents are here. Have a look for yourself and marvel in the restraint we showed by resisting the temptation to cover the set in tinsel and spray snow…Now who’s for mince pies and sprouts?


Lloyds – ‘Business Matters’

October 2013

In the second of our series of 40” films for Lloyds Bank in partnership with Channel 4, Mary Portas, Clare Balding and Nick Hewer tell director Southan Morris about setting out on their own and starting a business. Even the big names had to start somewhere, but apparently the best bit about being your own boss is having business cards with your name on…

Lloyds Bank – Business from The Outfit on Vimeo.



Lloyds – ‘Home Matters’

September 2013

As part of their rebrand, Lloyds Bank came to us to create a series of 40” films in a partnership with Channel 4. Featuring a host of Channel 4 talent including Mary Portas, Clare Balding, Ade Adepitan and Nick Hewer, directed by the BAFTA nominated Southan Morris, the films give a snapshot into the lives of these Channel 4 faces as they talk about buying their first home.

More films to come which will play till the end of the year, but for now put your feet up and hear all about how Ade’s priority when it comes to house buying is a massive telly…

Lloyds – Home Matters from The Outfit on Vimeo. 




August 2013

So what did we get up in the beautifully sunny August weather? Spent it finishing off our Autumn, Winter and Christmas idents for Homebase of course. That’s how ahead of the curve we are here at the Outfit. They’ll be playing around food programming on Channel 4 and the Good Food channel but you can have a look at them for yourself here. Delicious.

Homebase – Habitat from The Outfit on Vimeo.



Garnier Perfect Blur

July 2013

You know it’s not just shoots in exotic foreign locations here at The Outfit – sometimes we have to spend hours on end filming beautiful people too. This month saw us making idents for Garnier’s Perfect Blur for their sponsorship of Lorraine on ITV.

Our task was to remake the existing idents but replace the models with competition winners who had been voted the most naturally beautiful in the over 40 and 40-and-under categories by viewers of Lorraine.

Garnier – Perfect Blur – Kiran from The Outfit on Vimeo.


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June 2013

L’Oreal came to us with a revolutionary approach to home hair colouring – an oil based permanent home hair colour that gave longer lasting and more vibrant results. What better way to prove the results than asking real people what they thought of their new colour? With genuine reactions we made a series of films to spread the word. Take a look and see what everyone had to say.

L’Oreal- Olia from The Outfit on Vimeo.




April 2013

We’ve been hard at work since the beginning of the year producing a huge amount of Homebase idents that will be playing across food programming on Channel 4 and the Good Food channel. Not to blow our own trumpet, they all look beautiful – which is just as well because they’ll be on air for the next 18 months, so you’ve got no excuse for not catching them on TV or 4oD. If you can’t wait that long here’s something to whet your appetite. Try not to lick the screen or drool on your keyboard.

Homebase – Sofia Night from The Outfit on Vimeo.



Hakle Feucht Germany

March 2013

The Outfit’s UK relaunch of Andrex Washlets in 2012 drove year on year growth of 57%, and the brand achieved it’s 12 month targets in just 10 weeks. So we’re back in the UK and also taking Europe by storm, first off with German TV presenter Charlotte Engelhardt with the campaign playing out in Switzerland and Germany. You might think that Spring has forgotten the UK, but shooting in Germany in March… a whole new level of cold.

Andrex Hakle



Andrex Washlets 2

February 2013

Ahh bumwipes. We love ‘em here at The Outfit. After the huge response to the first Washlets campaign, Andrex asked us to continue the story this year. Having got the nation talking about something previously unmentionable, and generating a load of press coverage in the process, it was always going to be tough to re-create the same level of success. We were up for the challenge and Dawn joined us again to introduce more people to the wonderful world of Washlets, and early results indicate that not only are sales up but we’ve smashed the targets once again. Here’s Dawn and some South London speed daters, and some bum wipes … 

ANDREX EP 3 from The Outfit on Vimeo.



Time To Change

February 2013

The mental health charity Time To Change asked us to help change the public’s perception and attitude towards people with mental health issues. The TV and online campaign focused on friends and family of people with mental health issues and we heard unscripted and candid real life stories about how they had been able to offer support – from taking the time to ask how someone is doing though to catching up over a cup of tea. We also ran a radio campaign featuring Gary Beadle who played a character explaining how they’d learnt that the best way to help a loved one though a mental health issue was to take the time to listen and talk to them.

The campaign ran across C4 and ITV’s family of channels and increased awareness and online discussion of how to tackle mental health stigma using the hashtag #timetotalk.

The films have been well received by people affected by mental health issues and we are very proud to be part of raising awareness about a previously taboo subject matter as well as showing what positive steps are being made in the Time To Change campaign.

Time To Change from The Outfit on Vimeo.




January 2013

After our 2011 contextual campaign, Freeview asked us to come up with a way of demonstrating the features of Freeview+. Working with Channel 4 and indie production companies Fresh One and Monkey Kingdom, we showed how you can pause and rewind shows as well as record entire series at the touch of a button, all with the help of Jamie Oliver and Spencer from Made in Chelsea. The campaign then ran contextually in Jamie and Spencer’s shows, and judging by the explosion of tweets during Made in Chelsea, viewer’s are seriously loving Spencer…

Freeview from The Outfit on Vimeo.



Andrex Washlets 2

December 2012

Our last Andrex Clean Campaign cleaned up at award ceremonies like, well, like a Washlet. Unsurprisingly bringing moist toilet tissue to the UK made quite an impact, achieving a 12 month target in just 10 weeks. So we are back for more with Dawn O’Porter travelling the country in her Washet Wagon asking complete strangers about their bum wiping habits. You’ll have to wait till January for the TV campaign to hit, here’s a behind the scenes shot of what we’ve been up to



Xbox – Dance Central 3

November 2012

After a lot of late night research dance-offs here at The Outfit, we just finished this contextual campaign for Microsoft Dance Central 3. Playing out in T4 ad space and starring its presenters – the effortlessly brilliant Georgie Okell and king of the unorthodox and experimental dance routines, Matt Edmondson. As you can see from the photos from the shoot, we had loads of fun making this – and it definitely shows in the end result. Check it out for yourself. *warning: contains eyewateringly tight catsuits and scenes of uncontrollable funk…

Microsoft Dance Central 3 from The Outfit on Vimeo.


VW Beetle Abbey Road

November 2012

Paul Weller, Abbey Road Studios, the new VW Beetle. That’s a lot of iconic legends in one place. Our response? This nice promo and a series of long form interviews with Paul Welller for the new series of ‘Abbey Road Studios in Session with Volkswagen Beetle’ Hey no biggie, it’s just what we do at The Outfit. Join the 1 million people who watched it on YouTube before the show went out on Channel 4 and have a look for yourself:

VW Paul Weller at Abbey Road Studios from The Outfit on Vimeo.


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