The Outfit has a clear philosophy: we believe advertising and communications that look and feel like entertainment are more effective. In a world where advertising is largely ignored by the audiences brands are trying to reach, entertainment is an untapped secret unlock for brands.

With over 25 yrs experience creating entertainment formats and campaigns, we understand how to entertain and engage audience, and have used this expertise to create bespoke services to develop ideas rooted in mass entertainment that deliver high engagement and fast-paced conversion - from IP creation to campaign platforms that stand out. Our ‘Entertainment Planning’ process is a unique view on what entertainment an audience is engaging with, and how the brand can use that insight to their advantage. From established to fast-growth Direct to Consumer brands, we create ideas deeply influenced by popular entertainment that connect on an emotional level with the audience. Because entertainment sells.

Our clients work with us because they are tired of the same old approaches producing the same old work. They come to us for something different. Here are some examples.

Estee Lauder - Alice LevineMcDonald’s / McCafe MomentsSuzuki / #IgnisAdventureChannel 4 / Together Against HateCoors Light / The Coldest of All TimeReal Techniques / The Power is in Your HandsHonda / Live broadcast takeoverEcover / Plastic AwarenessMaltesers / First dates and Forever DatesSam Smith / In the Lonely HourAndrex / Washlets