At the Outfit we think the best advertising doesn’t look like advertising, it looks like entertainment.

Let’s be honest, no one turns up to watch the ads, the people our clients are trying to reach are there for the entertaining programmes and content. So we want our advertising campaigns to be part of their entertainment universe, not interrupting it. That’s why we’ve built a team of strategic brand and advertising brains, and combined them with TV and entertainment creatives. This mix gives us a unique understanding of what really makes audiences engage emotionally, and it’s why our advertising campaigns deliver the kind of engagement that’s usually reserved for viewers’ favourite content, and a significant step-change in effectiveness.

Our clients work with us because they are tired of the same old approaches producing the same old work. They come to us for something different. Here are some examples.

Estee Lauder - Alice LevineMcDonald’s / McCafe MomentsSuzuki / #IgnisAdventureChannel 4 / Together Against HateCoors Light / The Coldest of All TimeReal Techniques / The Power is in Your HandsHonda / Live broadcast takeoverEcover / Plastic AwarenessMaltesers / First dates and Forever DatesSam Smith / In the Lonely HourAndrex / Washlets