‘I Will Be Me’ campaign launches for TENA.

‘I Will Be Me’, created and produced by the Outfit for TENA in partnership with Channel 4 and Zenith, has launched.

The campaign aims to bust the taboos around talking about bladder weakness in women. While the truth is that one in three women suffer from some form of incontinence – making it more common than hay fever – many feel too embarrassed and ashamed to talk about it.

Featuring real stories from real women including Anna Richardson and Shazia Mirza, the work aims to cut through, stop people in their tracks and re-frame the debate.

Lisa Myers, Marketing Manager, TENA, said: ‘What started as an idea to break one of the last taboos has been brought to life with the great team at the Outfit and Channel 4. They ran the whole COVID-compliant production seamlessly and really energised the fantastic women we had the privilege to work with. As a result, TENA can launch this campaign to raise the profile of the topic of incontinence and drive the conversation with women and men in the UK.’

Anna Richardson, presenter and journalist, said: ‘I loved working with the Outfit and Channel 4 on this campaign and am so happy to be part of it.

Because you know what? Leaks happen. It’s a fact of life, and nothing to be ashamed of. People – not just women – need to talk about this issue and get it out in the open. I chat to my mates about it all the time! What’s a bit of wee between friends? I’m not going to let it hold me back and stop me enjoying my life, and you shouldn’t either.’

Shazia Mirza, comedian, actress and writer, said: ‘This is an issue that affects a third of women. A third! And it’s not just women – it happens to men too, but people don’t realise how common it is as nobody talks about it. I’m so glad that the Outfit and TENA are bringing it to the fore and encouraging people to speak out. We need to stop being embarrassed about it and support each other.’

Natalie Reed, Group Account Director, the Outfit, said: ‘This project is all about hearing real stories from real women, and where better to have an honest and frank conversation about what it’s really like to live with bladder weakness than Channel 4? We worked with some incredibly inspiring ladies who talked candidly about how incontinence impacts their everyday lives, but how they are determined for it not to hold them back.’

In partnership with 4Sales and Zenith.

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