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How ‘Talent’ can supercharge your brand campaign results.

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Key insights from working on Talent based campaigns


  1. Done right, Talent based marketing campaigns are high performing, producing quantifiably strong results. 
  2. Talent are people of influence, with cultural credibility, recognition and trust who are not restricted by media or channels – not to be confused with people who are famous or social influencers. 
  3. The correct choice of Talent and Brand pairing is key to the success of your campaign. 
  4. The ability to blend your brand with the lifestyle of your Talent into an authentic story is essential and requires key skills to achieve this. 
  5. The Outfit has a unique, neutral position, which is focused on your brand’s campaign success.

To get better brand campaign results…

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Here at the Outfit, we work with Talent a great deal to create high performing marketing campaigns. This article explains how we define Talent and starts the conversation around how brand owners can maximise the results for their brand marketing campaigns through working with Talent.


What is Talent?

It’s a good question and a good place to start. At the Outfit we define True Talent as ‘people of influence’. It’s important to note that this is a different concept to a Social Influencer or someone who is famous. Importantly, Talent has cultural credibility, where their voice and authority in their field is trusted. This also means they are not confined by channels or media which is another important factor in their success.


What could Talent bring to your Brand’s communication strategy? 

Their voice has the power and authority to cut through enough to capture the attention of brand audiences and hold it to build an emotional connection, whether they’re watching TV, scrolling through Instagram, scanning a blog or glancing up at a poster. The correct use of Talent has the power to stop your audience and for them to take note. Through Talent, your message becomes the message that matters.


Why Talent campaigns get results.

True Talent has an instant connection with their audience and because they have kudos, people believe in them and trust what they have to say.

They are memorable, which helps your brand message to stay at the forefront of your audiences’ minds. When Talent buys into your brand it has the ability to multiply campaign effectiveness. 

Where Talent creates real value is where your brand’s narrative can be interlaced into a Talent’s own personality and lifestyle, enabling engagement based on trust which will deliver a higher return. This is an area where William Soulier, CEO and co-founder, Talent Village and I share the same view.

Have you worked with Talent before – what results did you see?

The right fit is everything.

For this reason, to get the best results from working with Talent, it is more complex than using talent as a badging exercise.

At the Outfit, we’re lucky, in that we occupy a neutral position. We get hired for creating campaigns that get great results, as opposed to making commissions on Talent bookings. Which means we can be totally objective and make sure we involve the Talent who have the right partnering for your brand and the credibility with your audience.


Being able to remain authentic.

Your audience needs to be able to believe in the partnership between the person (Talent) they have an understanding of and your brand, therefore the message must be rooted in authenticity to build trust

Branded content which cuts through the noise and grabs attention, speaks with an authentic voice. We don’t just want Talent who can deliver a script that someone else has written. We believe that the Talent should be involved in the creative process so that the final creative product speaks with their voice. 


Our Talent-based campaigns are getting great results. 

By partnering with people of influence, our branded content campaigns have smashed campaign performance KPIs . Brands we have worked with recently using this approach include Estée Lauder, Vauxhall, Hello Fresh and BT. These are all examples of campaigns that have exceeded performance targets. They didn’t just excel because we worked with the right Talent, they worked because we were able to get the best from the partnership.


WhatsApp me, if you’d like to know more about our approach with these campaigns.


Talent with real cut-through. 

So, if you’ve tried using talent before but didn’t get the results that you’d hoped for, and you’re interested in rethinking your approach to working with Talent to achieve great results; or you’d like to use Talent for your next branded content campaign, but don’t know how to get started, contact the Outfit for a chat about what’s holding you back, we could help by providing a way forward or solve your problems.

Our clients work with us because they are tired of the same old approaches producing the same old work. They come to us for something different. Here are some examples.

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