‘Wear Not Waste’ launches for Ecover

We’re delighted to have launched our latest work for Ecover.

‘Wear Not Waste’ sees Dawn O’Porter and Professor Green take us into their homes for an exclusive look inside their personal wardrobes as they pick out their most beloved and treasured vintage clothing items.

They tell their personal stories about what makes each garment so special, sharing why they take such great care of them and why they wear them time and time again.

Niall Murdoch, co-founder of The Outfit, said: ‘We’re delighted to continue our relationship with Ecover and help spread the message that we should all be trying to reduce our impact on the environment by wearing our clothes for longer and wasting less. The honest, authentic conversations with Dawn O’Porter and Professor Green give an insight into how they and Ecover are trying to help address the issues of fast fashion’.

The work is part of Ecover’s ‘Laundry Against Landfill’ movement, which aims to highlight that almost 1,000 items of clothing are thrown away every 30 seconds in the UK. Ecover asks people to ‘wash wiser, wear longer and waste less’, with the pledge #LetsLiveClean.

It follows on from our previous work for Ecover, in which we highlighted the problem of plastic waste by surprising people on Brighton beach.

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