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Honda Accord

Difficult Is Worth Doing


To help launch the new Honda Accord, Honda’s ad agency had created a campaign in which skydivers formed different shapes representing new technology features of the car.

However, Honda wanted to create as big a splash as possible before the campaign launched, whilst linking back to the main campaign.

So Honda asked us how we could launch the campaign at the same time as truly bringing to life Honda’s ‘Difficult is Worth Doing’ philosophy.


We decided that to show that Difficult is Worth Doing, and to really launch this campaign with a bang, we upped the ante on the main ad by creating the UK’s first ever truly live advert.

We therefore set about planning a jaw-dropping formation skydive over 3 minutes - an entire ad-break - in which our jumpers would spell out ‘Honda’.

Before the jump, and to drive intrigue, we created a series of five unbranded short teasers, as well as press ads, showing the skydivers in preparation, with a call to action: which linked to a blog showing the dive preparations.

On May 29th at 8:10pm, our 19 intrepid skydivers leapt from 14,000 feet above the earth, and proceeded to spell out H, O, N, D, A, all of which played live into a Channel 4 ad-break.

The main ad then launched two days later, with the audience having already had a taste of what Honda can do.


The ad-break was a resounding success, with desire for the Honda brand leaping by more than double the stated target. Following the teasers, press and PR coverage, 200,000 extra people tuned into Channel 4 just for the ad.

Over £10m worth of earned press coverage was generated during the campaign. Post event traffic to Honda’s UK website was an enormous 400% higher than average, and over £1m of new Honda sales were generated in a single weekend after the event.