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McCafé is a range of coffee and drinks that are sold in all McDonald’s restaurants throughout the UK. Following the 2014 UK brand launch, the business objectives were to build the McCafé brand and its credibility as a beverage destination in 2015, driving affinity and establishing a clear McCafé personality and tone of voice.



We created a campaign of contextual TV spots and cast real friends and family to have real unscripted conversations about Channel 4 shows. These featured in the ad breaks of those shows. And the magic dust, our real people talked about the shows by genre and programme, but also through exclusive foresight of programme scripts, they talked about the specific episodes that the viewer was watching… in apparent real time.

In order to keep an ongoing dialogue with viewers, we needed a high volume of spots executions to make each one as targeted and relevant as possible to the programmes. Over the two year campaign, we have produced nearly 70 unique ‘Moments’ over 11 shoot days, allowing us to create fresh content that fits around new shows and featuring new and seasonal products, across both TV and digital platforms.

To create genuinely great entertainment to sit around the programmes these viewers love, we knew we had to find engaging, down-to-earth groups of genuine friends and families with great rapport. So our casting team pounded the streets to find our characters. We shot unscripted, and delivered a slice of entertaining actuality that added enjoyment for the viewer, and an original, impactful role for the brand.


In a tough and homogenous on-trade coffee market, McCafé Moments created a unique territory for the brand to thrive. The success of the original one-year partnership was continued for a further 12 months of new activity, with new contributors covering off more usage occasions.

We added value with special appearances from Olympic diver Tom Daley with his best friend Sophie. And following the first year, the brand saw saw a steady and continued growth with awareness of the range in its audience reaching a strong 92%, with 60% market penetration – a significant increase year-on-year. To top this off, the campaign won three Media Week awards in 2015 including a Gold for best idea.