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Uncharted 4


To celebrate the launch of PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusive title, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Sony partnered with Channel 4. The goal was to drive conversation and social buzz around the launch. We wanted to excite fans of the game, but also to broaden to a wider audience. The Uncharted series is famed for its epic dramatic sequences, so we needed to represent this as well as the beauty of the incredible next-gen graphics.


We knew that the cinematic sequences in the Uncharted series are always dramatic, usually with the game's star, Nathan Drake, dodging certain doom. We worked with the creators to create three and a half minutes of white-knuckle content, and gave viewers a five minute deadline to tweet to win a jaw-dropping bundle of Sony tech, with winners to be announced live on air in the following ad break, all set during C4’s biggest rating show, Gogglebox.


We broke the internet, with 22,000 Tweets received in the five minute window of competition entry. In total there were 38,000 tweets over the evening, a C4 record. #uncharted4live trended at no.1 in the UK and achieved the most tweets per minute for the worldwide Uncharted 4 campaign. 3.2m tuned into the episode, which rose by a further 250,000 during the advert itself. This spot also drove the highest peak of searches for Uncharted 4 for the entire pre-sale campaign.