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Years & Years


In July 2015 the international music industry pulled together to move the music charts from Sunday to a more culturally relevant Friday date, and rebranded it as New Music Friday. Polydor records wanted to own this relaunch by making Years & Years the very first no.1. They wanted to create a BIG noise around the global release of Years & Years’ debut album, Communion, focusing on the single Shine. To do this, they knew they wanted to get the target audience anticipating, talking, tweeting and sharing, in the run up to release.

Years & Years fans are young, engaged in social media and often dual screening. We needed to create an activation that created relevance and emotional engagement amongst this group, whilst opening the band up to a wider audience (16-34) and driving as much media and PR coverage as possible.



We created the first interactive music video for TV and put the audience in control. We made three music videos for Shine using different lighting techniques and different stages. The three videos interconnected, making them work both individually and as one entity.

To allow people to have the choice of which music video they saw, we worked with Channel 4’s technical team and created a bespoke live framework that sat over the music videos, asked the viewers to tweet in with their choice of video and, as demand dictated, the video broadcasted changed.

Set during Channel 4’s 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown at peak time on a Friday night, this three minute event delivered a big audience of just under 2m, of which 10% had tuned in specifically for Years & Years. And the Channel broke a new Twitter record with almost 15,000 tweets in three minutes. We also streamed the event, allowing people from around the world to watch online. Communion hit the number one spot in the UK chart and the Years & Years launch campaign of the year at the 2016 Music Week Awards.