Original content series ‘Superfan vs. super fan’ launches for Netflix.

We’re delighted to have launched our first work for Netflix. ‘Superfan vs. super fan’ is an original content series running across Netflix’s key social channels including YouTube and TikTok.

It’s an exciting new game show where superfans of a Netflix show go head-to-head, not only with each other but also with a giant super fan blowing air into their faces. As the questions get more difficult, the super fan gets more powerful, making it harder and harder for the contestants to think. At the end of the quiz, the loser receives a super flan – to the face.

Hosted by comedian and face of Netflix News Munya Chawawa, the first episode of the show sees superfans of Stranger Things pit their wits against one another and the super fan. Later episodes will feature fans of Black Mirror and Cobra Kai, as well as other Netflix shows.

Rich Hawkins, Creative Production Lead, Marketing/ Editorial, Netflix, said: ‘When the idea for Superfan vs. super fan came our way we knew we had to make it. It’s got that “so stupid it’s genius” energy. Add a flawless pun and a hilarious presenter in Munya into the mix and we’re fully in. We’re always on the lookout for YouTube shows that are unique but native to the platform, and feel like they have legs to run and run. The Outfit felt like the perfect team to bring this one to life.’

Niall Murdoch, co-Founder, the Outfit, said: ‘Our approach is always to think audience-first to create content that truly engages people, so working with Netflix is the perfect fit. ‘Superfan’ is fun entertainment at its best, and we’re delighted to be helping to co-create new formats and series with great talent and an amazing, innovative partner with whom we have so many shared values and approaches.’

Watch Episode 1. “Stranger Things”.

Watch Episode 2. “Money Heist”.

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